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Just Call Me Art
22 October
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Time to rewrite this once more. My name is David, but please, call me Art. Several people over the years have taken to the name, and I like it much more.

I live in Southern California, where its sunny and hot nearly all year round. I go to an all-boys Catholic school, although I myself am not Catholic. Gets somewhat amusing after a while, but it's ok.

I love water. I love lakes, I love the ocean, I love everything about it. Swimming, drinking... Just, don't get me near sand with wet feet.

I turned 15 on the 22nd, the day of the Fall Drama Production. I'm in 10th grade, Sophomore year, and am of the classof2008 (co-maintainer).

I play the piano and the RECORDER! I still play Neo when I have the time, but I'm gravitating towards... well, not having time. :P. I'd play more if I could. I check LJ as often as possible, and I love getting to know new people.
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