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I have been roused from my slumber by Phoenix/Nathan.

I don't have much to say, though. School is wonderful. Keeps me busy. I need to get a job. I'm of age. I met most of you almost 6 years ago now. Wow.

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Financial aid is going through the giant machine right now and it's taking forever to figure out.

I may go and accelerate to graduate in 3 years so I cut the cost to three fourths of the insane price tag.

In more exciting news, I'm currently involved in four shows at the same time. Two supporting characters and one minor character, as well as one directing and another teching/stage managing. Woo!

I am also officially done with The Game. No more debate for me, thank god.

8th semester of high school. Boo. And I received a likely letter from Rice! So that looks like a pretty sweet backup in case stuff doesn't work out elsewhere. =)

How is everyone? I read as much as I can but sometimes I miss things...
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Hi. =)

I haven't really updated in an entire year. Long story short, nothing major has happened. No romance, no new best friends, no interesting stories, no clubbing. Just a normal junior year. Lots of theatre, I guess. =)

I think I'm going to try to get an agent next year. But!

Little 7th grader Art is growing up. He'll be a senior next year, and he has to start applying to colleges in less than half a year.

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I know some of you have gone through this process before, so if you have any words of advice, they'd be much appreciated. =)
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I haven't updated in over a month. So, to make a long story short:

I'm still in school. In fact, I just 36'ed the ACT. =)

I'm self-studying an insane number of classes, but my favorite by far is Multivar Calc.

That boyfriend? Keith? Yeah, never existed. And it wasn't me who made him up, either.

I no longer acknowledge the existence of the person who I believe tricked me into that.

The play went pretty well -- I had the script with me on stage and I saved it a couple times. :o

The next play begins next week, a month earlier than usual. I'm excited!

... I made up with Ian. I don't think it's going to come back to bite me but I'm willing to eat crow and not complain if it does, because I know this time it will have been entirely my fault.

I'm becoming more social!

I take my driving test next Tuesday. After that, I'm finally free. I will not run away from home. :P

I will try to update this more often, as in the last two months I've made two entries and have therefore lost a rather large part of my life to the recesses of my brain. :(
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Yar mate, this can be expanded pretty far, it’s only 260ish words right now. It’s your job to expand it past 400 (just fill in the details, I think I got most of the big chunks of information in). Just post it as a reply and I’ll get it when I come back. I’ll edit and hopefully you’ll still be online so I can send it back and we can do that back and forth till it’s ready. I’ll be back ~11:15 ish tonight.

Have fun with it, I guess. Hopefully this'll turn out better than the other Laconian articles. Not that that's a hard thing. ;)
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School started Friday. My schedule looks exactly how I'd like it to look, which makes me happy.

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Looks like this'll be an interesting year...

Oh, and Jim Verraros writes amusing music. So Deep's about anal sex, yo. And it's good, too!

Pulling your hair, gasping for air
Sweating so hard I can't see
Take my arms up above me
You're making me moan 'cause I'm so hungry
Bite me, tease me, use your tongue
Don't worry 'cause I'm not gonna run
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