Just Call Me Art (arthurbulla) wrote,
Just Call Me Art

Hi. =)

I haven't really updated in an entire year. Long story short, nothing major has happened. No romance, no new best friends, no interesting stories, no clubbing. Just a normal junior year. Lots of theatre, I guess. =)

I think I'm going to try to get an agent next year. But!

Little 7th grader Art is growing up. He'll be a senior next year, and he has to start applying to colleges in less than half a year.

I'm pretty sure I have a good idea of where I'll be applying. My top choice in fields will either be International Relations or Biotech Engineering, which leaves me with a pretty good set of schools to look at.

Princeton, Yale, Columbia for reaches
Georgetown, Johns Hopkins, Tufts for close-to-matches
George Washington U, American for lower matches
Cal (Berkeley), another UC, and Cal State Fullerton for safeties

I doubt I'll apply to every single one of those, but that's what I've whittled it down to so far.

I know some of you have gone through this process before, so if you have any words of advice, they'd be much appreciated. =)
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