Just Call Me Art (arthurbulla) wrote,
Just Call Me Art

Welcome to a new year, Spartans! Before you settle back into your old routines and begin complaining about how much work you have to do for so-and-so’s class, just take a minute to remember—at least you’re not a Damien debater.

For, while many of you were beginning your vacations with a weekend at the beach, a trip to Europe, or simply by laying at home and relishing the break from work, our Damien debate team was still hard at work doing what it does best. The summer began with the National Forensics League debate tournament, where the team of Christian DeHoyos and Ian Nelson proved that [eh].

From there, the whole debate team kicked into gear. To prepare for the new year, many Damien debaters went off to a summer camp to learn about the new topic and brush up on their technical skills. This year in particular was an excellent one for our debate team—we sent the highest number of rising sophomore debaters to a summer camp than ever before, and 9 of 14 Varsity debaters returned with the skills necessary to make this year one of the best in Damien history.

And the work wasn’t over then, either. After returning from camps from around the nation (everywhere from UC Berkeley to Northwestern University to the University of Michigan), several of our Varsity debaters were put to the task of compiling the new evidence from camps into a usable format, a task that took up much of the week and a half before school and is still ongoing even today.

Yar mate, this can be expanded pretty far, it’s only 260ish words right now. It’s your job to expand it past 400 (just fill in the details, I think I got most of the big chunks of information in). Just post it as a reply and I’ll get it when I come back. I’ll edit and hopefully you’ll still be online so I can send it back and we can do that back and forth till it’s ready. I’ll be back ~11:15 ish tonight.

Have fun with it, I guess. Hopefully this'll turn out better than the other Laconian articles. Not that that's a hard thing. ;)
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