Just Call Me Art (arthurbulla) wrote,
Just Call Me Art

Semester Total

AP Euro: 21h07

AP Calc: 15h51

AP Chem: 12h36

Hon Eng 10: 3h30

French III: 15h16/16h06

Debate: 14h30

HTML: 2h15

Religion: 20h55

Total: 106h/50 - 4d 10h/50

So yeah. I wasted 4 full days (106h) of my 1st semester doing homework. And the classes I had the most in, Euro and Religion of all fucking douchebag subjects, were within 17 minutes of each other. Meh.

I fixed up most of my Lists. I deleted some things from the Camp list that I never took and didn't miss, and changed some things that I think would be optional. The Stats list is totally revamped, but that's just a big page of bragging. The Reading list, though, is fucking awesome. Organized by author's last name, and I have a code set up for which books I have, have read, and am in the process of reading. And my homework list is just fixed up and tidied, with the semester results tabulated.

I still need to fix up the Gift and Debate lists, but the Gift is a work in progress and the Debate I have my stuff at home. So I can probably start working on my defense mechanism and how this relates to the different cliques. *shrug*
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